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About the Flowsheet
  • Proposer Name: Mr Kaushik Datta
  • Title of the Flowhseet: Pressure Swing Distillation of Isobutanol and N-Heptane
  • Institution: Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
  • Version: OpenModelica v1.13.2
  • Reference: Wang, Y., Zhang, Z., Xu, D., Liu, W., & Zhu, Z. “Design and Control of Pressure-Swing Distillation for Azeotropes with Different Types of Boiling Behavior at Different Pressures.” Journal of Process Control, Elsevier, 16 Apr. 2016
  • Simulator version used for creating the flowsheet: Simulator-v0.9

Note: This flowsheet is compatible with the simulator version mentioned above. To simulate the flowsheet in OpenModelica, it must be opened with the above Simulator version.
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