Guidelines for Coding

  1. Strictly use OpenModelica 1.12.0 and higher versions for coding/modelling.
  2. Avoid using long names for the model, keep it short and relevant such that it will explain the model.
  3. While modelling the network keep all the models under one single package.
  4. Specify units (if any) and description of variables, parameters and constants during declaration.
  5. Appropriate comments should be put up, wherever needed, which will make the code easily understandable. The comments should help in highlighting the flow of logic being used. For example, an equation like R = V/I can have comment as "Ohm's Law" along with it.
  6. If any specific settings (like solvers, tolerance etc.) are used in simulation setup window, please comment the same at the beginning of the code so we can use the same settings while reviewing the code.
  7. Once you have completed coding, submit the project through the project submission page, with complete details.