The honorarium is assigned based on the intern’s performance. If ALL the submitted code is error free in the very first review, the intern will receive ₹ 10,000/-. If it takes more than one review to submit error free code, the honorarium reduces accordingly.

Please see the table below for a clear understanding.


Students Honorarium


₹ 10000


₹ 8500


₹ 7000


₹ 6000


If ANY code is found to be erroneous after the FOURTH review, the student shall not receive any amount as honorarium. The proposed book and the uploaded codes shall be deleted from the Textbook Companion database.

The above mentioned honorarium scheme is applicable only if the intern were to code 60 examples or above. If the examples are less than 60 then the intern is paid on pro rata basis. This is decided based upon the effort, complexity and the additional tools required to solve the examples.

On submission of a Textbook Companion, the review process involves several checks including but not limited to:

1. Incorrect code
2. Completeness of the book - missing parts (or) sections
3. Code plagiarism

In this regard, we are forced to test EVERY code of EVERY participant thoroughly. Due to many participants, this verification process takes a considerable amount of time. Moreover, dispatch of Government money requires approvals from the Dean's Office, Accounts Office, etc. which also takes some time.

Due to the above listed reasons, immediate acceptance of a Textbook Companion and processing of payment is difficult. The participants are therefore requested to show some patience. However, if you do not get your money within 45 days after submitting working code, please get in touch with us - we shall be happy to assist you. If there are problems with the submitted code, naturally, there will be further delays.